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Videos On the Fly

Sometimes it's fun to crank out fast videos of a place I liked going to or of a unique experience. The videos on this page are informal, casually narrated if at all, and put together on the fly.

I hope you enjoy them.

Turtle face Lens on the Maldives. (3 minutes and 42 seconds, 26 MB file.) Highlight clips from a three-week trip to the Maldives in January, 2010. Also in 1080p high-def (146 MB file).
Cabezon Big Sur, 2009. (8 minutes, 32 seconds, 68-meg file.) An informal trip video of a 3-day dive trip to seldom-dived Big Sur off the California coast. Also in 1080p high-def (382-meg file).
Mantas and diver In Flight. (3 minutes and 5 seconds, 24-meg file.) Into the current and on the flight path of a stream of manta rays in the Solomon Islands. Also in 1080p high-def (130-meg file).
Message A Scientific Investigation. (48 seconds, 20-meg file, in high def.) Scientists want to know: do fish fart? Here's the answer. In high-def only so pertinent details are visible.


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